Daily Core Workout Video

Fewer than 15 minutes of core a day and you will see improvements in your daily life. The sequence in this video has simple exercises that work the front, sides and back of your core. No crunches.

No more back pain!

I started suffering from low back pain in my mid 20s, and the pain was made much worse after 2 pregnancies. I saw two spine specialists in two occasions, did MRIs both times, and they both revealed degenerated discs in the lumbar spine. Fortunately the discs were not pinching any nerves.

For many years I did yoga and took anti-inflammatories not knowing that NSAIDs are bad for you (maybe that was the cause of my kidney stone?). Anyway, I thought I knew how to keep it in check because I did a lot of yoga.

As it turns out, the ONLY thing that keeps me pain-free is my 15 min of daily core workouts. It’s one of the things I do every day no matter where I am. It became a habit, just like flossing.

Avoid injuries as an athlete

Did you know that a weak core is often the root cause of hip, knee, back and other pains and injuries in athletes? “Core” muscles include the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen.

Strengthening these muscles means better balance and stability in your sport, which in turn prevents injuries. Stretching is also helpful.

Improve your life

A strong core will keep your body stable and improve every-day activities such as carrying groceries, walking to work, standing on the bus/train, carrying a bag/backpack, cleaning the house, doing yard work, etc.

Many people mistakenly believe that they need strong arms or legs to perform certain activities, when in fact a strong core is the foundation of their strength.

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