Friday, July 3, 2020

Hello, I'm Theia. Welcome to my blog!

Hey there, and welcome! This blog is about sharing the learnings that I have gained over the years as a business professional, athlete, mom, world traveler, immigrant, and entrepreneur. Join in and hope you enjoy it!


Low-carb and vegan diets: my personal experience

I have had many experiences following different diets throughout my life, with the most notable ones being the vegan (7 years) and low-carb diet (2 years). Why I followed diets I practiced ballet for 12 years starting at...

Quick Stretch Routine

Whether you are a cyclist, triathlete, runner or simply someone looking to get fit, you will benefit from stretches to keep your body in balance. Here is a quick stretch routine that hits the most important muscles. "A tree that is unbending...

Daily Core Workout Video

Fewer than 15 minutes of core a day and you will see improvements in your daily life. The sequence in this video has simple exercises that work the front, sides and back of your core. No crunches.